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Women Packing List

Women Packing List

· 3 khaki or similar pants If taking jeans, chose light weight ones

· 1 or 2 slacks

· 2 shorts (if desired)

· 3 short sleeve shirts, polo’s or t-shirts that can go with everything

· 2 long sleeve shirts or tops (to layer or use alone)

· 1 skirt that will go with any of the above tops (if you like)

· 1 all occasion sweater

· 1 swim suit (use one of the above shirts or t-shirts as a cover)

· 1 windbreaker (lightweight so that it can be folded and taken in the van with you)

· 1 pair comfortable walking shoes

· 1 pair lightweight shoes like thongs to wear around the lodge and the pool

· 1 pair street shoes to go with skirts, slacks, etc.

· 1 nightwear (many like a big t-shirt that can serve as gown and robe in one)

· 1 shoulder bag or purse (small and flat best) to use with skirts, and dressier slacks

· 1 or 2 waist packs to use on the streets on safari

· Assorted easy drying under clothes, socks etc.

· Costume Jewelry (Please leave your good jewelry home. Rule of thumb: Don't take anything that you cannot afford to lose emotionally or financially)

What you wear on the flight over can be taken from the list-less to pack. Arrival city hotels have good laundry service so the travel clothes can be cleaned to use again or stored there to wear on your flight home.

The game lodges do laundry, but need a full day to do it. It is best to wait until you have two nights in one lodge. Check your itinerary.

The city hotels have a locked storage room where suitcases, bags, purchases, etc. may be left safely while you are on safari. All hotels have this service, so take advantage of leaving that which you do not actually need on safari.

Always start with the lightest bag possible

International flights allow 2 checked bags of not over 70 pounds each and a combined linear measurement of 62". (Check with your airline to verify their requirements), one carry-on weighing no more than 10 pounds (most of the time they are strict about this) and a purse.

You may take one bag per person on safari along with your hand luggage. If you take more on your flight over, it can be left in the arrival city.

  • Soft-sided luggage or duffels are preferable to hard luggage for storage on safari vehicles within East Africa. Large suitcases of dimensions greater than 24"x 17"x 7" are impossible to store in vehicles and on aircraft and should not be used. Hard cases should be avoided as they cannot fit in safari vehicles.
  • Baggage on Internal Scheduled Flights: if applicable Baggage allowance is 15 kg per person. Extra luggage will be charged each kilo basis subject to availability of space.
  • Passport should be valid at least 6 months beyond period of stay.
  • Kenya has enforced a ban on the use of plastic bags. Kindly use cloth bags.

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