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Interesting Africa Facts

Interesting Africa Facts

Area: 11,635,000 square miles (30,420,000 km²)

Approximate size: More that three times the size of United States; larger than Europe, the United States and China combined; the second largest continent, covering 20 percent of the world’s land surface

Population: 650,000,000 (approximate)

Longest river: River Nile (world’s longest), 4160 mile (6710 km)

Largest waterfall: Victoria Falls (the world’s largest waterfall by volume), twice the height of Niagara Falls and one-and-a half times as wide

Highest mountain: Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in the world not part of a range), 19,340 feet (5895 m)

Largest Crater: Ngorongoro Crater (largest intact caldera/crater in the world), 12 miles (19 km) wide with its rim rising 1200-1600 feet (366-488 m) off its expansive 102-square-mile (264 km²) floor

Highest mountain range: Ruwenzori (Mountains of the Moon), 16794 feet (5109 m)

Largest Lake: Lake Victoria (world’s third largest), 26,828 square miles (69,485 km²)

Largest drainage basin: Congo River Basin (world’s second largest), 1,476,000 square miles (3,822,840 km²)

Largest Fresh water oasis: Okavango Delta (Botswana), over 6000 square miles (15,000 km2)

Largest desert: Sahara (world’s largest), larger than the continental United States

Largest land mammal: Elephant (world’s largest), over 15,000 pounds (6800 kg)

Largest bird: Ostrich (world’s largest), over 8 feet (2.5 m) tall

Longest lake: Lake Tanganyika (world’s longest), 446 miles (714 km)

Deepest lake: Lake Tanganyika (world’s second deepest), over 4700 feet (1433 m)

Longest rift valley: The Great Rift Valley, a 5900 mile (9500 km) gash from the Red Sea to Lake Malawi, with 30 active volcanoes

Most species of fish: Lake Malawi; over 500 species

Tallest people: The Dinka of southern Sudan (world’s tallest) generally reach on average 71 inches (180 cm)

Shortest People: The Pygmies of the Congo (world’s shortest) reach only 49 inches (125 cm)

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