“Call me biased, but I have to say East Africa is my favorite destination. It's the region I know best and the place I've led the most journeys, with good reason to! It is a country that really lives up to its image, and in a world where the fragility and protection of our environment is most crucial”.

Mahinda was born in Kenya and currently lives in California for over 20 years where he started his travel career. He splits his time between US and East Africa each year on the road scouting locations, meeting new people, and getting to understand these experiences for himself.

His career has spurned in the tourism industry, conservation work, humanitarian projects and logistics work on various film and photo projects.

“My aim is to provide enlightening, life enriching and potentially life-changing travel experiences that bridge cultures through positive interactions”.

He prides himself on offering an interpretive safari experience to East Africa. Whatever your dream experiences for your holiday, Mahinda can make them all come true. From bush picnics in a dry riverbed to the whitest beaches, a close encounter with a rhino or leopard to the family adventure of a lifetime, the ideal round of golf with a warthog looking on from the sides of the green or the perfect spot to watch a river crossing during the Great Migration, he can do it all for you.

He takes pleasure in the art of the finely tuned detail, and able to please the preferences of even the most seasoned of travelers. And, with a decade of established relationships at his fingertips, from local guides to hotel staff, Mahinda will go to great lengths, wherever you’re traveling, to ensure your own personal travel experience is everything you dreamed it would be.

“I pride myself on being an authority on each destination which is why most of my clients have been with me for years”.

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